Contour and Sculpt your Body with Fat Freezing Techniques Provided by Medical Doctors

It’s now possible to Sculpt your Body with Fat Freezing Techniques with the assistance of a cosmetic surgeon or other medical doctor trained in the procedure. Medically, the process is known as cryolypolysis and has been available since 2010. Freezing fat cells does not require surgery and thus is considered noninvasive.

Unwanted Fat Cells

As a person gains weight, existing fat cells grow larger. The body doesn’t develop additional fat cells. During the fat freezing technique, some of those unnecessary and unwanted cells are killed in specific parts of the body. Those stubborn areas of fat on the thighs, abdomen, upper arms and other places are significantly reduced, eliminating the bulges that the person has been feeling distressed about. The sculpting effect streamlines the person’s appearance.

Expected Time Frame

After the CoolSculpting therapy, the body gradually eliminates the fat cells over three to four months. Noticeable results usually aren’t seen for at least a month. Although the person may be eager to see the full results more swiftly, this slow process helps the fat loss look more natural. Other people will think the individual has lost weight and will never realize that any professional cosmetic procedure was performed.

Potential Side Effects

After the treatment, it’s normal for the patient to experience some bruising, redness and soreness for a few days where the freezing took place. The nerves might feel a bit numb for a few weeks but gradually regain sensation. The skin does not have any serious reaction to the technique, since the freezing effects target subcutaneous cells. The bruises and sore spots occur because the area of skin and fat has been pinched and stretched during the treatment.

Scheduling Sculpting Before an Event

For these reasons, when someone wants to contour the body before a special event like a wedding or a class reunion, they should schedule this treatment for at least four months ahead of time if possible. The full results will be evident by then, and all side effects will have long since dissipated. To maximize the changes in appearance, the person is encouraged to exercise regularly to tone the muscles and boost fitness.